Vancouver Family Photographer | What to wear for a photo session


So your school Family Photo Day session is coming up and you want to know...what do I wear? How do I dress my family?

See at my regular family sessions, I would tell my families, don't go out and buy a new wardrobe. And PLEASE, I repeat, please do not wear matchy-matchy outfits. Because really, you do not want to look back at these photos and say, "What the H-E-double hockey sticks was I thinking, dressing us all in matching plaid shirts?!". Now if you're a hipster family, then coordinating plaid shirts would be right up your alley, so by all means, go for it!

This isn't a regular family session but the same goes. Don't reach for the all-white or all black solid shirts or t-shirts, or the exact same tops in three different sizes for your boys. Find something that coordinates, rather than matches. And for the love, please do not wear anything with a logo/brand name that's visible. Nike is not endorsing you (unless they are, then whoop whoop!).

Graphics are great, texture is lovely, accessories are fun, so find something that makes you feel great when you wear it and use that to inspire the rest. Because the last thing you want is to feel self-conscious about how your new shirt keeps slipping off your shoulders, and appear stiff in your photos. You want to be able to move comfortably for the 15 minutes I have with you because I promise, there will be hugs and cuddles and maybe, maybe even jumping :).

And if you really need more guidance, here's a lovely What to Wear pinterest board for inspiration.

Think of your 3 must-haves images, bring your kids' favourite stuffies/things if they want to include them, bring your lovely dogs, and see you all on the weekend! We're going to have some fun!

BIG SIDE NOTE: This year the School Family Photos are NOT at Capilano. They will be at a beautiful natural light studio at #301, 92 Lonsdale Avenue, on Lonsdale and 1st street, east side, above Obsession Bikes.