Vancouver Family Photographer - Growing into Toddlerhood

Remember those early years with kids? Long nights, and with sleep deprivation and general exhaustion, those days feel even longer. Co-sleeping, nightmares, teething, middle-of-the-night nursing, bloody fevers and colds. Will all of this end? Will I sleep a full night again?

Yes. Yes you will. And it will happen sooner than you think. Then you are left missing the moments where nursing your little ones is the magical solution to all that ails them. Or that a simple cuddle and kiss will take away the physical pain of a fall. Or a lullaby will calm them down.

Natalie and Diego, you are in the thick of this fog right now. Tired as you may be, you still find the energy to play with Noam, holding boundaries when he needs you to, and giving slack for him to take risks and fall and learn all the other times. In this home, you are showing him all that life means to you and I know, even at his tender age of 2, he is taking it all in. I love watching you two parent and hope to continue this project with you year after year! You’re the best!!

Noam’s Year 2 - Fusion film

mom nursing her baby boy while dad sleeps.
Parents Singing We Are Going to the Moon while changing their toddler’s diaper.
Toddler boy sitting on the couch and unhappy about getting dressed.
Toddler boy touching his toes to his head while breastfeeding.
Mom and Toddler boy sharing a quiet moment by the living room window.
Smiling Portrait of toddler boy and his dad.
Dad catching his toddler boy from falling into the water by the river.
Toddler boy throwing big rocks into river water, making big splashes.
Toddler boy giggling and getting chased by his dad while mom looks on.
Dad kissing his son on the cheek while he eats spaghetti in the sink.
Dad washing food off his son’s face while he is sitting in the sink.

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