Vancouver Family Photographer - The Legacy of Family Films

There are very few people in this world that get real with you in person, and even less so online. It is always such a heartwarming feeling to meet someone in the flesh, after knowing them through the big web world, and realizing they are exactly as they present themselves.

I have been reading Kyla’s online shares for years now. First it was her letters to her children. Her words, coupled with her photographs; the depth of heart was obvious. And back then, she only had her boys.

And then she had Pepper. As life with three of her little loves progressed, there was also a change in her words. Honesty and vulnerability. About being a mom, about being a woman, about her own recognition of “not enoughs”, and over time, doing the work and coming to terms with all of it.

You may not know it Kyla, but every time you pour out your thoughts, I am listening and nodding my head, and thinking - you are not alone and you are so brave to wear that openly in your life. I have no doubt you are helping many people out there with your words and photographs. Your legacy of family films and photographs are important, but your openness about life experience is also part of that legacy that extends beyond the walls you call home.

It has been 3 years since I first met Kyla in person and it feels tremendously full circle to be able to have her create my family film and in turn, for me to do this for her. More than the creation of this film, I got to experience first hand the solid presence of Atti, the beautiful embrace that Sully gives at the end of the day, the hilarious force that is Pepper, and this wonderful place they call home. Because of our time together, her words have become even more meaningful to me. THANK YOU for everything Kyla and Tyler!

Ewert Family Film - Press Play!

Some of my favourite photographs…

Three siblings playing on their inflatable water slide in their front yard.
Boy drinking from water spraying out of a water slide.
Three siblings helping their mom prepare dinner by grating carrots.
Three siblings trying to make big bubbles with rope and rods while their mom looks on smiling.
Little girl holding two wooden rods in the sun.
Little girl surrounded by her family is crying while sitting in the driver seat of a golf cart.
Kids playing Just Dance video game in the basement of their home while their parents watch their performance.
Mom carries out her little girl from the bath wrapped in a towel.
Three kids hanging out in their parents’ bedroom after bathtime.
A family cuddles in bed while watching an episode of Duck Tales.
A mom checks the time on her phone while her kids are getting ready for bed.
Mom lying in bed with her little girl who is making silly faces.

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