Vancouver Family Photographer | Wednesdays with Shirley


Vancouver Family Photographer | Wednesdays with Shirley

Robin and I were sitting outside a local cafe, under a warm sun sipping our coffees and chatting, while her little girl played and listened. She was sharing stories about her mom, Shirley, and the amazing mother and woman that she is. Around the time Robin's son was born, her mother was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimers. As she talked about her mother's ability to laugh at her own daily fumbles, she paused, holding back tears, and finally said, "I miss her".

Last week, I got to photograph Robin and Shirley and their regular Wednesday routine of Music Together, coffee, park, and lunch. Yes, Wednesdays are always those things, but this Wednesday, I got to see a daughter who is dedicated to the care of her mother, a mother who loves her family fiercely, and a person filled with so much strength, grace and compassion whom I am lucky to call a friend. This is a story created with their pieces of life, the moments that matter right now, even if they may be forgotten tomorrow.

Robin, you are an incredible person and I'm so grateful for you in my life. Thank you for letting me do this for you and your family.

xo, felicia

Wednesdays with Shirley from Felicia Chang Photography on Vimeo.

Felicia Chang specializes in family documentary photography, including newborns and births, in Vancouver, British Columbia.