Vancouver Family Photographer | Life with R3


Vancouver Family Photographer | Life with R3

Ever since last December, I have been equally excited and nervous about this family session. It is for a local photographer who is crazy talented - Kia, of Kia Porter Photography, who had won a giveaway on my Felicia Chang Photography Facebook page. First of all, I can't even believe she entered. Second, I had just been introduced to her work a few weeks before this giveaway and was blown away by her gorgeous colour and matte black & whites images. So there I sat, realizing that I've just been handed an assignment by fate to photograph my first photographer. *Gulp!*

Finally, after a few months of trying to coordinate our crazy schedules of life with kids and photography shoots, we finally nailed down a date for her session. She says that her family is go, go, go all week and on Saturdays, it is packed with sports activities all day. Sundays, I'm told, are the best days. Lazy mornings, waffles by Greig, no scheduled tasks. Just family time, with the odd birthday party, or two. Sounds perfect to me.

And it was. This family just understood my vision for documentary stories. I am so grateful I got to do this for Kia and Greig, and their three R's, and their beautiful and incredibly fun home so rich with love and kindness. Thank you for trusting me to just roll with it! Kia, I am really glad you took the leap and entered, with the idea that you need to be in this memory making with your family too - no selfies needed!

Vancouver Family Photographer | Life with R3 from Felicia Chang Photography on Vimeo.

Felicia Chang specializes in family documentary photography, including newborns and births, in Vancouver, British Columbia.