Vancouver Hospital Newborn Photographer | Baby Wesley


Vancouver Hospital Newborn Photographer | Baby Wesley

Photographing births are not easy. For someone who doesn't have immediate access to childcare, I'm always hoping that the stars align for me to be present for one. So hospital sessions are my compromise, my almost births. I still get to be there, within hours of a newborn that has just entered the world. Her fragility, curiosity, yearning to be close to her mother, the hunger for first milk. It's almost as good as being present at the actual birth.

Except for when you're called in for a hospital session and you happen to be there for the birth - you know the stars didn't just align, they were creating a path for you. Here I am, present to photograph the first moments of this boy, born to my dear friend, Irene's sister, Elaine. Meeting Baby Wesley doesn't get any fresher than hearing his mother give the final push and me entering the room, camera to my face, almost interrupting the medical staff in their transfer of Wesley to the baby warmer for his first check up.

The stork arrived on May 12th at 9:40am, days before Elaine's birthday. The rest is history in the form of this "Fresh 48" hospital newborn slideshow. I looked over to see Elaine's husband, Nate, teary while holding a cold cloth over his wife's forehead. Their lifetime of happiness has just been enriched by the immediate love so evidently present within their minutes-old baby boy. Congratulations Elaine and Nate! Baby Wesley has made you the happiest parents in the world and I'm so incredibly grateful that you asked me to be there for you and your family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Baby Wesley Hospital Newborn from Felicia Chang Photography on Vimeo.

Felicia Chang specializes in family documentary photography, including newborns and births, in Vancouver, British Columbia.