Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Happiness Defined, Baby Wesley


Vancouver Newborn Photographer | Happiness Defined, Baby Wesley

I remember talking to Laney and Nate a year and a half ago about their new home being almost completed and that in a few weeks, they were going to be parents to a beautiful burmese mountain puppy named George Michael. I thought to myself, wow, time has flown. It didn't seem that long ago they were just married, but in fact it had already been a year and a half.

Fast forward another year and a half, and here I am, in said home, photographing their newborn baby boy. It has been two weeks since their hospital session but Wesley has changed already. It's incredible how quickly babies change in appearance in such a short amount of time. While we were chatting in their front room, talking about which facial features Wesley inherited from his parents, Nate shared some of his baby photos of when he was about 5 weeks old. The resemblance between him and his baby boy was uncanny - Wesley is a mini-Nate, just with darker hair.

It was really lovely to see how Laney and Nate are already in the rhythm of life with a newborn, taking turns to cuddle their little guy, snacking, loving on George Michael. I think Laney's sister, Irene, may have something to do with how relaxed she is as a new parent :). She said her big sister checks in on her daily, making sure she's getting established with breastfeeding and giving her valuable advice and tips on a newborn's needs. Laney's mom stocks the fridge full of home made food specific to the first month of "confinement", a Chinese postpartum tradition that tailors the new mother's diet to helping her body heal and increase her milk supply. Nate's parents live downstairs in their home, so they are also around to visit and help them with anything they need. What a wonderful thing, to be surrounded and supported by so much love so that they can focus on what's important - enjoying their time soaking in their precious boy and all of his changes.

Laney and Nate, thank you for having me at your photographer's dream of a home and sharing yet another wonderful time with Wesley. I hope parenthood brings you the joy so overflowing, you could not have ever imagined happiness would look and feel this way.

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