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My mind has been swirling with ideas of what to write ever since I signed with Click Photo School to write a Breakout Session. I knew I wanted to talk about my work as a documentary photographer but what would I say that hasn't already been said before? What do I have to share that would be valuable to others? There was a lot of fear and self-doubt, and that inner-critic voice was booming loudly. For a while there I was at a loss with which direction to take this writing..... ....until a few months ago. I was listening to a podcast interview with Brene Brown, where she spoke of a conversation she had with a friend about truth-telling through words as a means for people to relate to the story. It struck a chord with me that what she said is not unlike what we do as documentary photographers, to tell stories by showing truth and reality. That became the foundation of my ideas - to share with you and have a conversation with you about what it means to photograph bravely and unapologetically so that we can document our realities as stories together.

Just show me the truth, so that I can find my story in your photos.⠀⠀

Here’s the deal. I wrote it with the hopes of changing your mindset about photographing your life and the life of others. As women, we apologize for way too much, hide too much, feel ashamed about too much. And it needs to stop. If we photograph from who we are, and try and capture the humanity of people we connect with, no apologies are needed and no shame can come from making and sharing photos that reflect the full spectrum of human emotions and the human experience. ⠀ ⠀ I've poured a shitload of thoughts, ideas, and vulnerability into those 58 pages, 3 videos, 2 bonus PDFs, and 1 bonus interview, all yours for $25. Membership to Clickinmoms is NOT REQUIRED!

To sweeten the pot, I have decided to draw two names from those who have signed up for my Breakout session for the following  things:

Draw #1: a camera scarf strap beautifully handmade by The Vintage Clothespin, a copy of Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown, and a 10-image portfolio review.

Draw #2: a one hour online mentoring session.

Additional opportunity: I will also be taking the first 25 images (submitted on a thread in the forum) and providing a recorded video critique for them.

So SIGN UP NOW while we are running live on the forum (between November 21 and December 1). During this time, I am an open book for you, ready to answer your questions and discuss what it means for you to start documenting your life's reality unapologetically. See you at my Breakout forum at Click Photo School!