Vancouver Family Photos | Balloons, Cardboard Boxes, and Siblings


One of the best things about having more than one child in your family is the ability to observe the sibling dynamic and how it evolves over time. Now time is can be jolly one minute and shoving and tug of war the next. Your head fills with frustration and the thought of playing mediator drains all the energy out of you. And then they can go right back to sharing lollipops and one will say to the other, "you can have the bigger piece (of cookie)". Parent heart in a mushy puddle. Empty bucket filled.

A rainy Day in the Life for this family session means braving the rain for the Annual Christmas Parade in town, scoring the coolest light-up balloons, and lots and lots of play time at home. These parents were not kidding when they say cardboard boxes are a hot commodity here. The moment a box of Huggies are delivered to the door, the diapers were emptied and promptly filled with new ideas for FUN. Even popped balloons can't stop them!

kids running around the island while dad is washing dishes mom and daughter feeding little boy while he's running around table mom and kids decorating the christmas tree dad reprimanding daughter for doing something naughty mom and dad playing with kids and cardboard box dad doing flips with his daughter while son is playing on his own and mom is making dinner dad doing flips with his daughter while son is playing on his own and mom is making dinner mom playing with son on the couch pillow fort

Thank you Diana and Binh for having me document your Saturday! I loved seeing you say YES to playing, singing, and crafting all day long!

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