West Vancouver Documentary Photographer - Day in the Life on a Boat

Work...it is hard road sometimes, especially as a solo business owner. But I have chosen this intentionally because of what documentary photography and advocating for family stories mean to me.

Some stories embrace the everyday struggle, and some, well some are all out good ol' fashion F-U-N. 

This was my morning that day, soaking in the goodness that West Vancouver and awesome company this family has to offer. Breakfast in Dundarave at the Bakehouse, boating from Eagle Habour to Christie Islet/Pam's Rock (OMG, all the seals!!!). For hours, I forget where I am at and work felt like a vacation. 

It's been three years since this family's last DITL and no surprise, so much has changed. We talk about our (almost) 9 year olds and how challenging it can be to navigate with their headstrong personalities, and remind ourselves to enjoy the little ones because their unfiltered zest for life and thoughts still flow so freely. 

N & C, thank you for having me along for this ride and trusting me to document your growth as a family! And also, thank you for always listening to my project ideas and helping where you can - I really do appreciate your kindness always! 

family getting into the car on a sunny morning
woman preparing boat for launch at dock
Family pointing out which direction they are driving their boat towards.
girl carrying her little brother while parents anchor the boat to the dock
family walking together on the dock on Bowen Island
girl enjoying the sun and splash while lying on the boat seat
family of four boating towards anvil island in howe sound
mom cuddling with her yawning preschool son
family getting of their boat while carrying swimming gear
girl waiting to jump in to the ocean with dad and brother watching

Felicia Chang is a documentary family photographer who tells stories of families that seek adventure, small and big, in their daily lives. Contact her to find out about how to have your family story documented. You can connect with her at @feliciachangphoto on Instagram or sign up for her newsletter to stay in touch.