Vancouver Family Vacation Photographer | Vacation Day in the Life at Mission Bay


Vancouver Family Photographer | Vacation Day in the Life at Mission Bay

I have to admit that when I first joined the photography forum of Clickinmoms, I had no idea that I would find my tribe there. I was not even looking for one. You would think, a forum full of women - things could get tricky and feelings hurt far more often than with a forum full of men.

Yes it can happen, and yes it does happen.

But despite that, if you are lucky enough to find like-minded women, who not only want to learn, but open their hearts for more than their love for photography, you will find friendships.

Sandi and I are friends for this very reason. We are both forum members, but somehow found each other through our love of documentary photography and through the hope of wanting to build a successful business. We understand that being a mom-entrepreneur often feels like a lonely island of one and we are better off pooling together as a larger land mass by sharing our resources and offering genuine support.

Then the most unexpected incredible thing happened when she asked if I would join her and her husband's extended family in San Diego, and photograph their Day in a life.

A legit, in the flesh, vacation travel session! On an airplane. Twice!

It is one thing to work for families in your own city, but for someone to fly you somewhere else, to me, that is the biggest compliment.

Thank you Sandi and all of your family, for bringing me on board, for putting me on a plane, for letting me soak in the rays and beach of southern California, for feeding me your delicious Thai burgers, for giving me so many laughs, and for sharing such a wonderful family tradition that is your annual extended family getaway.

To book a session with me for a birth, newborn, or family life story, or travel sessions (yay!!), simply contact me and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.