Vancouver Documentary Photographer - The Story of Sara

It has been over 2 years now since the Story of Hanna and little did I know, I would be sitting here at my desk sharing the Story of Sara. Being able to follow the lives of the families I have worked with is one of the things I am thankful for - little quick texts with updates, random messages with inside jokes, hugs in the grocery line, a wave while running kids to their activities. The true gratitude lies with being asked to document these families more than once. With Megan and I, there is the love for storytelling and the importance of narrative, but there is also friendship.

Because when I was feeling down with thoughts I couldn’t shake off, she offered to do a smudging for me, to help me let that heavy energy go.

Because we have shared our think-big creative ideas with each other on a forest walk.

Because after two triple-chapter stories we have created together for her girls, this qualifies as bonafide friendship.

Sara’s Story (in the fusion film above) is mirrored with that of her big sister’s - The Story of Hanna. Another beautiful and powerful blessingway, a peaceful birth, and a backyard family barbecue that brings all of her family together in her home. This is a story Megan has envisioned from the beginning, with the focus on the relationship between her children and their grandparents. It is about legacy, she said. I think it’s also about Megan’s advocacy for the female voice through her village of friends and family, the doctor and midwives that cared for her, and now creating the space to let her daughters give their voices to the world. My friend, if only everyone can see, understand, and appreciate story the way you do.

Sara, I hope that this story of your beginning will always help you understand the love your parents and family have for you and some place you can always come back to when you need it. I think I am most excited about the relationship that you will have with your sister Hanna. Curiousity and Imagination….I can’t wait to see the world you will build together.

Sage smudging ritual performed during a blessingway for an expectant mother
Group of women listening to the practices and power of energy
offering of words written on rocks in a bowl as a gift for a new baby
parents share a kiss before a caesarian birth at Lions Gate hospital
Parents’ joy and kiss after their new baby was born at the hospital
Big sister reach out for an embrace of her newborn baby sister while parents and grandmother watch in laughter.
Big sister jumping in her crib while her baby sister watches her from the floor while lying on her tummy.
grandparents smile while hugging their newest baby granddaughter

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