Vancouver Day in the life Photos - Cheryl & Molly Year 3

As I am putting together this family’s Day in the life fusion film and photos, I am reminded of my childhood with my grandmother, who is now 98 years old. She has suffered minor strokes and angina, a number of infections the last few years, and is not as able these days. But once upon a time, she was like Molly, full of smiles.

When I first photographed Cheryl, Molly, and her twin boys, they had just turned 2. When they were 3, she still felt that general frazzle, trying to balance their care with that of her mother’s. It made for really long days. Now they are 4 years old and although life is still busy, it feels easier. Cheryl, a single parent caring for her mom and her two boys, realizes that as full as her plate is, she cannot believe how fast the days have gone by. A little look ahead to milestones ahead, like Kindergarten next year, makes her want to slow it all down. She also realizes the time her boys have with her mother is limited - this is why this project is so important to her.

Molly, Cheryl’s mom, has a special place in my heart. She is suffering from Alzheimers, so sometimes it means experiencing confusion and frustration. Here is where Cheryl centres her - by holding her hand or wrapping her arm around her body, and leaning in close. It is also really important that daily routines are kept up, like Molly’s walk around the neighbourhood block. This year, the boys are just small enough to squeeze onto the seat of her walker but agile enough to zip around with their run bikes. Next year I bet we’d be hitting the trails with no training wheels!

I am so grateful for this family and the time we spend together and look forward the continuation of our annual Day in the Life project with all three generations.

Third annual family Day in the Life fusion film with Cheryl, her mother Molly, and her twin boys.

A mother laughing with her elderly mother, while her twin boys are reading in another room.
A mother helping her twin boys get dressed at the swimming pool.
Twin boys walking in the park dressed in pool towels.
A family of three generations eats lunch together at the dining table.
A twin brother runs towards his family on the sidewalk.
A boy pulls on a deflated red balloon, away from a walker.
An elderly woman kisses her daughter’s hand.
An elderly woman holds on to her daughter’s hand while she reads to her twin boys.

To be able to photograph a family’s story year after year is one of the biggest points of gratitude. As a thank you for that long term trust, I offer special rates to families that book their Day in the Life sessions annually. If you think this is a visual diary project you would like to do, simply contact me and we can start chatting about what’s important to you and your family to remember, years from now.